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The trap of Kerguelen
Available 2000
Scenario and director Rob Rombout


It was in 1772 that the navigator Yves de Kerguelen, an oceanographer, discovered a lost archipelago in the far south of the Indian Ocean. In his log he wrote : "These isles are a fearsome trap. We found nothing there and we left nothing there if it weren't for the few cats we had on board”. Two centuries later the scientists of the "Popchat" mission, specialists in the field, land on the Kerguelen Islands. What was their goal? To trap the cats that became wild in order to observe how they adapted to the freezing climate of the "isles of distress". Yet who observes whom?


Producer Rob Rombout
Distribution / sales H & W Company
Length 40'
Format Digibeta, stereo, 16/9
Language versions Frans, Engelse ondertitels
Broadcast RTBF, France 3
DVD for sale Via H & W Company (€ 15,00)