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H&W Company

Pipe Driver
Available 2003
Direction and animations Jaap en Floris Drupsteen
Music Tom Push
Producer Astrid Wortelboer


Short, abstract musical animation by Jaap and Floris Drupsteen, in which the colourful images move absolutely sync with the beat of of the swinging dance music. The piece was conceived at the invitation of arts’ manifestation “Art in Rooms 2003” in northern Holland’s De Rijp, in the framework of a search for organic connections between image and music .

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Co-production Studio Drupsteen / H & W Company
Production /distribution H & W Company
Length 9'.15 "
Format Beta SP, stereo, 16/9
Language version Not applicable
DVD for sale Via H & W Company (€ 10)
Screenings 24 and 25 May 2003 Art manifestation "Art in rooms", De Rijp

November 2003 Cineme Animation Festival, Chicago

23, 25, 29 January 2004 International Film Festival Rotterdam

29 January 2004 Art Cinema Lux, Nijmegen

2 - 7 May 2004 Art Channel

21 - 29 August 2004 Art manifestation "Swell", Zaandam

3 - 6 November 2004 Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht

3 September 2006

Rialto, Amsterdam